We work with interior designers, property developers, cultural institutions, and architects, providing artwork and sculpture for private and corporate spaces. With over 20 years of experience in working on projects across India and the UK, we have the ability to work on diverse needs from large public commissions to smaller works for corporates and homes.

Whether a traditional or contemporary space, we find the right fit.  Our curators have experience in interior design, art commissioning and management, and love to work with designers and clients to truly integrate the art into the spaces being developed.

What we do best is find works that clients love, that fit their budget and style preference.


Often art might take on a different life when placed onsite. Often clients might want the option of change. We help this process by providing interior designers the option to loan the works for a short period of time so that clients are able to get a feel of how the art would look in the space. Further, we also work around longer-term leasing options.