We have collected works along the way – as we travel, from galleries or exhibitions. Have you thought about how valuable this collection could be? Did you know that without proper documentation it might not be saleable?

It is important to document your artwork and ensure all your paperwork (provenance) is in order. Documentation requires expertise and effort. Our team would be happy to work with you to document your artwork, and ensure paperwork is in place. We would also alert you during this process of missing paperwork that you might like to source from your source. The data will be organised so that you are able to track, organise and access information on your collection at all times.

These are the areas that our documentation team will cover:

  1. Classification, coding and cataloguing
  2. Photography for documentation
  3. Provenance check
  4. Assistance with insurance (if required)


Some of our experts are certified valuation experts from insurance companies such as AIG. Art Pilgrim Live helps you with your valuation reports while looking at insurance, or sale, purchase of works.