Art Consulting

A collection of art comes together over time – built slowly with great thought and expertise. When we start collecting, initially just to cover the walls, we are unsure of what to pick. While art must first appeal to our senses, it is also critical to train these senses suitably so that you are able to buy art that you would like to live with all your life. At the same time these needs to be good art that holds value.

This is when our team is here to help you. We don’t just have art experts in our team, but interior designers who look at your space and find ways to best integrate art into your home.

Art Pilgrim Live has over 25 years of experience and relationships, and a solid network and focuses on providing clients something they will love and cherish that just looks great in their homes. The human factor is critical to us too.

The Process

• We discuss your needs and objectives – this would include what appeals to you, your budget and what art means to you.

• A team sources artworks and creates a presentation depending on the needs of the buyer. Often it might require us to track works that might take a longer period of time.

• Each artwork will be extensively researched, its provenance checked and price verified.

Aesthetics and Display

Art is going to be with you for a very long time. The way our pieces look can be impacted by where it is placed, how it is framed and the lighting. It is important to ensure your art looks the best. Further, you must ensure it is well protected from various factors such as moisture, sun, and dangerous movement. Our interior designers are happy to help you chose, frame, place, and light the works.