Finding the creativity in our lives is an important adventure we must all embark on. Each of us has the capacity to embrace and become more creative. Connecting with our creative side makes us happier. The happier we feel the more joy we spread! Often, this discovery can begin through art exploration. Finding an artist that connects with you, finding the art that speaks to you is the first step to finding yourself through art!

Art Pilgrim Live


Artpilgrim set up its first gallery more than 2 decades ago at the Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. The gallery has over this time brought exciting exhibitions to promote established and emerging talent in the Contemporary Indian art space.

Presenting a series of work from old masters, contemporary artists and young upcoming artists through solo and group exhibitions, the gallery has evolved a distinct style and identity of its own and is known for its high quality and honest operations. Artpilgrim has also run a London chapter for two years too. The Hampstead Gallery ran very successfully between 2006-2007. The exhibitions were well received and even featured in magazines such as the London OK! Magazine.

Being one of the first galleries to put emphasis on 3D work, Artpilgrim is recognized for its sculptures, commissions, and installations.


Finding the creativity in our lives is an important adventure we must all embark on. Our exhibitions and events are designed to help you find the art that connects with you!


  • Geeta Singh


    Geeta founded Art Pilgrim over 3 decades ago and has been curating art shows and advising art buyers and emerging artists since then. A highly respected professional in the field, she has worked with a host of artists and is also a professional art valuer for a large insurance house.

  • Gayatri Singh


    Gayatri has been involved in art and education for over 20 years. As a curator and a design thinker with international experience she hopes to create a new space that encourages collaboration, dialogue and learning. Gayatri has previously set-up and successfully ran an Indian contemporary art gallery in London.

  • Nigel Pearce

    Interior Designer

    Nigel is an art curator and interior designer who has done many celebrity homes in the UK including one for Ringo Starr from the Beatles. What he is passionate about is integrating art more with interior design. Nigel and Gayatri set up the London art gallery in Hampstead together.